The ConCept Menu will let you creat amazing menus from your own graphic.
Both the Apple styled menu & the Flower button is both created with the
ConCept Menu.
You can use the ConCept Menu as a second menu on your page.

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SpringTime Offer from March 28 to April 6.
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Responsive Grid Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Table Stack
• Content organizer
• Responsive columns
• Responsive grid
• Reflows content
• Size columns in px
• 1-2-3-4-5-6-7… 99 columns
Layout Stack (NEW)
RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

• Creating the list = fast
• Maintaining the list = fast
• Good looking too

Lots of prices to list? Spend less time doing it!

Maintaining data in an ordinary table stack is slow. If you have tried you'll agree. The PriceLess Stack speeds up workflow.

In other words — create fast and good looking price lists that are just as fast and easy to maintain.

Works great with responsive themes too.
Stacks Image 2521
Layout Stack
FixMe Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Attention seeker
• Floating stacks
• Create bottom bars
• Create header bars
• Create side bars
• Add a soft shadow and/or different kind of borders.
• Responsiveness: Hide on small screens
Layout Stack (NEW)
Layer Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Layer Stacks:
• Text on top of a slideshow
• Logo on top of an image
• Image on top of a slideshow
• Buttons on top of an image or slideshow.

Ever wanted to layer two stacks on a RapidWeaver Stacks page? You can now.

With this stack you're on top! The 'New' badge on top of this stack is created with the Layer stack.

The StarBadge png package.
Stacks Image 1683
Utility Stack
WorkSpacer Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Get a little space

The WorkSpace does good things for your workspace (edit-mode)

• Scale your entire page in edit-mode... giving you an overview of your whole page.
• Resize images in edit-mode. If you use many images on your page, it get's crowded. The solution… make images smaller *** only *** in edit mode!
• Change the width of the page (edit mode)
• Add non-published notes to your stacks page

This is one of those behind-the scheme stacks that does good to every workflow!
Layout Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Easy & Simple Stack
• Lines
• Dividers
Responsive Columns
FlexFix Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Not a copycat.These responsive columns are different!

Easy & Simple Stack
• Responsive features
• Two Column stack
• Combine for 3 Columns
• One column fluid
• One column fixed width
• Column scroll on/off
• Turn on/off header and footer
Stacks Image 2797
Layout Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

The PrettyWell stack is a pro version of the PrestyWell stack - with a couple of extra features.
Well… the two stacks actually works quite well together! Both are inspired by the BootStrap well. The well-stacks works great with all themes.

It's pretty much drag-drop-use.
To give you an easy start with the stacks I've created a RapidWeaver project with almost
all the stacks examples shown on this website. Download the RapidWeaver Stacks Demo here.
Pick-up RapidWeaver hints and ideas on the blog page. Download graphic resources here.
RapidWeaver Stacks
Layout & Grid Stacks
FlexGrid Plus Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Multipurpose Stack
• 1-10 columns
• Size in px and not %
• Use as a menu
• Add background images
• Advanced image settings

The FlexGrid Strip is a simpler version of the FlexGrid Plus Stack. Perfect when you just need to grid your layout. It comes free with the FlexGrid Plus stack.
RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Table Stack
• Tables with a twist
• Xtremly simple
• Reflows content (!)

No ordinary table stack… it reflows the content when you add columns or rows.

Preview before you buy… the stack is no ordinary table stack!
FlexColumn Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Flexible Layout Stack
• Unlimited flexible columns
• Add background images
• Advanced image settings
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Inspired by the BootStrap well.

I developed the stack for one goal - speed - being able to drag-drop a well to my RapidWeaver projects without spending too much time styling the it.
Height & Space Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

A Layout & Image Stack
• Fixed / static height
• Tender care for small heights
• Use the Stack as a spacer
I Framed You
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Another iFrame
• Adaptive iFrame
• jQuery

Note: Because of jQuery restrictions you'll only be able to load content from you own domain into the iFrame.
Menu & Button Stacks
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

• Responsive OneLevel Menu for the FreeStack Responsive Theme
• Choose between RapidWeaver Toolbar or own custom menu items.
• Lots of styling options
• Really, lots and lots of styling options!
Stacks Image 1691
ButtonAlien Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

An unusual Button Stack
• Easy button builder
• Add icons / images / backgrounds
• Advanced CSS3 options

The cart loom buttons below has been created with the Button Alien Stack.
Another Menu
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

• Vertical menu for FreeStack
• Advanced CSS options
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

• Horizontal menu
• Turn on menu header
• Google fonts
• Active page option

A Cool Extremely Stylish Button Menu Stack // Works with other menus // Use as many ConCept stacks on a page as your design needs // Create buttons
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Sandwich Stack
Multipurpose Stack
• Headline stack
• Button stack
• Divider (lines) stack
• Spacer

Create cool buttons with Google Fonts - both predefined and your own.

• Retro buttons
• Gradient buttons
ResourceButtonMaker Plus
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

An unusual Button Stack
• Easy button builder
• Add icons / images / backgrounds
- Resource Images
- Warehoused Images
- Stacks InfoPane Images (HUD)
• CSS3 features
• Turn almost any stack into a button

• ResourceImg Stack
• ResourceBg Stack

What if you created all your buttons with images from RapidWeaver 5's Resources… you'd be able to change the look of all your buttons without visiting every page...
Image Stacks
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Replace the background of a theme with a full page CSS3 background image.

Add a cool overlay pattern (dots, canvas) to your image.

IE9+ with fallback for IE8.
Stacks Image 2739
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

The WareHouseOnTime stack let's you choose when it's time to make the switch to WareHoused images…I know you know you should!
RapidImageMix Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

A Layout & Image Stack
• Layer up to 4 images
• Advanced Image Settings
• CSS3 shadow
• CSS3 rounded corners

Works great with responsive themes.

Use it for headers, as a button or to frame you content with style.

Comes bundled with the ImageLayout stack) - you get both stacks.
ImageLayout Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

A Layout & Image Stack
• Layer up to 10 images
• Position stacks fixed or static

Comes bundled with the RapidImageMix stack) - you get both stacks.
Part of the ResourceBundle

Resource backgrounds
New feature: Normally you can't preview Resources in Edit mode… but with a little 'cheet-feature' you now can.
warehouse image wark stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

WareHoused images with a Warp Effect
Effect Stacks
Toggle Rabbit
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

A different kind of toggle… you can see it on top of this page.

Pops up with 1-2-3 or more toggle messages while closing the info toggle.
Stacks Image 2817
FlyingBadge Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Do you sometimes need to awake your visitors? You got this brilliant offer… you need to add some special attention...

The FlyingBadge stack makes it easy to add flying badges with a link - and have them float around the screen. Vertical, horizontal, everywhere.

• 20 premade
• Option to use your own warehoused images or images stored in 'resources)

The premade badges comes with the stack as a high resolution vector pdf file. You're free to use the badges for your design and printing too.
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

• Slide Down
• Fade In
• Slide In

Time effects
• Speed
• Delay

Use the LoadEffect Stack to choose which stacks on your page to load first.
Charmeleon stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Show random background images (tileable) with almost any theme.

Target different areas of your theme: html, body, header - and change the background with a random image (well, if you choose more than one image).

You can add more than one stack and target several areas of your RapidWeaver page.
ButtonAlien Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

The Annoying Bug will bug your visitors or greet them with a Happy New Year.

You get 4 Stack bugs - at the moment:
• Annoying Bug
• Happy New Year
• Fruit Fly

Option to use your own warehoused images or images stored in 'resources)

Works with modern browsers incl. IE9/10.

Happy New Year - my friends around the globe.

Grap the bug… if you can catch it!

3D Link Rotator
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Rotate Links
• Create a Link Cloud
• Use as a cook menu
Text & Typo Stacks
Utility Stacks
CSS on the FLY
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Part of the Consistency Stack 'Bundle'

The CSS on the FLY stack allows you to add your css in edit mode… on the fly.

It's easy to test your css - or to create sets of custom css - and reuse it.

Trying to learn html and css - this bundle will help you.
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

The Consistency Stack contains 3 stacks.

1. The Consistency stack helps you keep your site consistent - by using the proper H-tags. And most HTML-tags.

Proper HTML tags are important for your google rating as for your layout...

2. The LinkTargetClass Stack comes free with the Consistency Stack

3. The CSS on the Fly Stack comes free with the Consistency Stack
BlackLight Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

It's party time
• Create advanced css3 night club shadows
• Cozy moonlight shadows
• Text shadows
• Pulsate effect
• Google fonts

It's a cool Google Font stack too!

Or use it as a plain cool text stack allowing you to style your text with
custom fonts, predefined google fonts or custom google fonts!
Respond Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

FineTune R-Text
• Responsive text
• Responsive image
• Target up to 8 different screen sizes
• Custom css

The Respond stack will help you to target text in a RapidWeaver Responsive website — from SmartPhones to a 27" iMac.
Backpacker Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Reclaim your workspace
• Minimize stacks in edit
• Add tags and color labels
• Stash stacks

Close the stacks you don't need to work with - out of sight - out of mind! Reclaim your workspace. Work faster!

Perfect for SlideShow stacks. A must have if you - like me - love the Blueballs FreeStack Theme.
ColorStore Stack
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

Keep your colors in your project
• Stores your website colors
• Predefined color schemes

Store your colors in the ColorStore Stack. Helps you to use consistent colors throughout your project.
For RapidWeaver + Stacks 2

There's two detect options: advanced and simple + options to choose font, font color, font size and line height. You can also translate the detection phrases to your own language (or terms). There's no support for this stack - but it's also free.

The script used for this stack can be found over at the w3schools.
Note RapidWeavers: The FlexGrid Strip Stack is used to grid the layout.
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Menu & Button bundle
Menu & Buttons
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A-Menu Plus Stack
ConCept Menu Stack
Button Alien Stacks
Resource Button Maker
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Layout & Button
& Image Stacks

FlexGrid stacks
ButtonAlien stack
ImageLayout stack
RapidImageMix stack

The FlexGrid stack should be in any toolbox! Great way to grid your layout.

The ButtonAlien I and II allows you to create stylish css3 buttons with your own graphics.

The ImageLayout stack & RapidImageImageMix stack makes it easy to layer images - create background images - floated button bars and more.
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Stacks Image 1698
Responsive Bundle
Responsive Bundle
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ReFlow Stack
Respond Stack
OneLevelMenu Stack
FixMe Stack
Backpacker Stack

Bonus Stack
Stacks Image 1728
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FlexGrid stacks
ImageLayout stacks
R.I.M. stack
FlexColumn stack
FixMe stacks
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